What is Lunchy?

What is Lunchy?

Every parent grapples with school lunches. Most see it as a chore that just has to be done, no matter how inconvenient, time-consuming or difficult. Some enjoy preparing school lunches and view it as a source of pride and a creative outlet. Lunchy matches parents who need lunches with parents who make extra.

At Lunchy, we believe that parents should be able to decide what their kids eat. And they should have options. By providing a platform for parents to buy and sell lunches from each other, we hope to give parents a little more flexibility in how they handle school lunches.

Lunchy is an extension of your school community. It brings together parents who know and trust each other. Listed lunches are not available to the general public. They are made by people who have relationships with the school and can only be ordered by other parents in your school.

Parents have been making lunches for fellow parents since there were schools. As more and more families adopt non-traditional working situations and as society shifts to a cashless economy, traditional schoolyard arrangements between parents are becoming more difficult to find and manage. And many parents are left out. Lunchy wants to change that.